Upgrading from 6.8 to 7 e-mail problems

NethServer Version: 6.8 to 7
Module: E-Mail

Hello again. I have a new problem :slight_smile: (sorry for the bad English)

First of alle: I use Nethserver for 95% only as a MAIL server.

I have Nethserver 6.8 running for a wile now running as a virtual machine on a NAS-QNAP TVS-863+ The Nethserver dos its backup on the NAS trow NFS.

I want to upgrade to Nethserver 7. So i instal a new virtual machine on the same NAS.
I schut down the 6.8 server and than boot the Nethserver 7.
I dit a restore server on the 7. from backup of the 6.8 That wend wel.

After that the computers I am using were not able to connect to the mail server. The new server has exactly the same name and IP as the old wane.

Where can the problem be? I want to give it a new try this weekend. But any succession is welkom.

Hi @ibico, start by searching for errors in log files: there should be an evidence of the reported issue.

Oké, I hade a little time today so i tryt to upgrate agane.

I have instald Nethserver 7. Dit a update on thate server. Thane a restore Data to /
Thane setback the backup. Thene a software update (agane)

But, al my e-mails are gone on the new server ???

I stardet the old server agene. Reding on were my mistake is.

Ow. I notest that Nethserver 7 dos not see the last backup from Nethserver 6.9 What can that be??

Search for error in log file:

grep -B 5 -E '(ERROR|FAIL)' /var/log/messages