Upgrades for Nextcloud and ejabberd

Whats needed to release updates for Nextcloud v21 and ejabberd?

I know that for Nextcloud we need new mariadb upgrade.
This bring support for :grinning: and some new features like read status in Talk and others…

So how can I help, or we help to make this to be done? :sparkles::rocket::house::loudspeaker:


Regarding Nextcloud, the main work is to migrate from current release of MariaDB to the new one available in SCLO.
There is no problem for new installations, but we need to automate the procedure on existing installations and the whole process should be foolproof.
If you want to try, you can take a look at a previous similar work already done for Mattermost: https://github.com/NethServer/nethserver-mattermost/commits/master?after=f95537279403981942d2087ef5baa055833bda4b+34&branch=master.

Regarding ejabberd: every update is a nightmare. So the current policy is to not update the package except for security fixes. Why do you think ejabber should be updated?

TL;DR: we would like to update to NC 21, but for now is not a priority.

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