Upgraded to FreePBX 15, Like to upgrade to FreePBX 16 - but need php 7.4 or later

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: FreePBX 15

To upgrade from FreePBX 15 to FreePBX 16 - I must use PHP 7.4 or higher. How can I get FreePBX 15 to use PHP 7.4 or higher?

Not sure how to point FreePBX 15 to PHP 7.3 or higher.


You can try it on NethServer 8

You mean try installing freepbx on ns8?

NethVoice on NS8 has FreePBX 16 with PHP 7.4

I like Nethvoice Approach, and have been following closely its development, i am mostly looking forward to the Release candidate to be ready for use, before i could consider putting it in prod-testing.

I am however slightly skeptical on the limitations i have so far seen floating, unless there are some changes, and equally because i have no idea how much the PRo version would cost… so waiting to see.

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@Stll0 I have setup a test NS8 server. I don’t see FreePBX 16 with PHP 7.4 in the Software Center. Am I missing something. I am guessing I probably have to add a repo and refresh. Could you help me to check out FreePBX 16 with PHP 7.4 on NS8. So far I am willing to checkout NS8 and see if I can make the switch.

Any help you can give to point me to getting FreePBX 16 with PHP 7.4 loaded on NS8 so I can review would be great!


hello @Shadowfire you will need to install nethvoice as well as nethvoice proxy.
nethvoice is based on freepbx under the hood, with customizations and new interface, though you can still access the freepbx interface i guess…

here is the github nethesis/ns8-nethvoice: NethVoice: an Asterisk based PBX (github.com)

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Enable the “testing” repository and do as Martin said :+1: