Upgrade to Nextcloud 11

It’s possibile to upgrade nextcloud to V11 on Nethserver 7?

Unfourtunately not yet from an rpm package.
Seems it will be delayed for a little while:

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nooooo :sob:

Do you have any issue with the current version? Why is 10 not enough?

NextCloud 11 has and email client that I would like to check out for integration.

The e-mail client is limitted. you should have your email server on https. imap enabled because only IMAP is supported on this client and does not work well with all mail servers.
Just sharing my experience

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@ghost Thanks for the info.
I do want to try it and compare the email/calendar and compare to WebTop which I really like.
But having the integration and single sign-in of NextCloud would be really advantageous.

Also NC11 have video call like skype

@wbilger @GiuseppeG

Yes NC11 has the video calls like skype, has spreedme working out of the box, password management safe , collabora online is great and stable, googledrive is working well, dropbox does not sync automatically.
Bug : if you upload an empty folder to NC11 it will be ignored and will never show.

To enable spreedme and collaboration you need a lot of extra effort, besides Nextcloud 11.
Calendars and contacts are the same and you can enable the email app also on 10
For me, there’s no rush to upgrade to 11.
Needless to say, I would like to see it on NS

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Still needs to have a working spreed webrtc server either on the same machine or a different one, right?

Same here?

I see that email is there for 10, but it is in the ‘Experimental’ apps, and I cannot get it to connect through IMAP to NS. I put in the same settings as I do in Thunderbird which I can connect to NS successfully with.
Is there something in the NC IMAP settings that needs to be different?

Yes spreed webrtc , on same machine
For collabora online it is a docker but works perfectly fine also on the same machine

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I could provide a working NextCloud 11 installation (with some minor limitations), but it will require a lot of testing. Any volunteer for this?

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I would like to test NC 11 in my spare time!

How do i get it installed? :slight_smile:

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I will let you know :wink:

Check this out: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5242 @edi

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@edi it’s your chance to show you off to the @quality_team