Upgrade nethserver 6.9 to 7.3 procedure

NethServer Version: 6.9

Hello, I write this post because I would like to upgrade the nethserver 6.9, present in my company, to the latest version 7.3.
I read on the support manual that the fastest procedure is the rsync method.
At the moment I have nethserver 6.9 on a virtual machine vmware esxi 6.0.
I forgot to tell you that I use nethserver only as a mail server with about 60 emails, so I should transfer everything to the new version of nethserver.
Nethserver does not act as a domain manager but is a client.
I await your news
Many thanks in advance

Hi Francesco,

I don’t get what news are you waiting for.

What is the question? :slight_smile:
Something is not clear inside the manual?

Please explain us your problem!

In the hurry I forgot to ask the question :slight_smile:
I wanted to know if the rsync procedure was correct to proceed with upgrade.
However, I resolved
Thank you


Hello, I’m trying to synchronize nethserver servers 6.9 and 7.4.
Launch the rsync-upgrade mail.nethserver.org 2222 command line, synchronize all archived emails, but configured email accounts are not synchronized.
Maybe then they will be synchronized once I launch the command: screen rsync-upgrade -u mail.nethserver.org 2222?
and also the command: signal-event post-restore-date?

The rsync command copies only the data, the real work is done by per post-restorre commands which restore all configurations.

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thank you so much

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