Upgrade from 6 to 7 fails with ultimate software policy

It seems the rsync upgrade procedure from 6 to 7 fails now:

Feb 27 11:36:43 intra esmith::event[26169]: WARNING in /etc/e-smith/templates//etc/yum/vars/nsrelease/50output: Use of uninitialized value $esmith::__TEMPLATE__::4::release in string at /etc/e-smith/templates//etc/yum/vars/nsrelease/50output line 1.

This regression is probably caused by the last update: Ultimate ns7 software updates origin policy

Fix is coming: avoid to upgrade ns6 systems by now. Stay tuned.


The bug affects only the Enterprise version. Subscription can’t be affected as 6.10 backup sets of it do not exist at all.

In a community version the bug is uneffective because mirrorlist falls back to the latest stable version in this case:

curl 'http://mirrorlist.nethserver.org/?release=7&repo=updates&arch=x86_64&nsrelease=6.10'

I’m still trying to reproduce the problem and will open a bug ASAP.

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This is the bug report: