Upgrade ejabberd to version 22.05

is there plan to upgrade ejabberd to v 22.05 or there is a challenge preventing the upgrade process.


No plans by now, but we can consider an upgrade for security issues :zipper_mouth_face:


eevn an upgrade consideration due to security would be wonderful,

Ejabberd now stands at version 22.10 Release 22.10 · processone/ejabberd (github.com)

IS there a manual install process for this one.

I had actually started loving using This tool, but current version in Nethserve 20.03 had some issues that prevented some functionality, which were fixed in future version.

this version does not set a require to a specific ejabberd version, you install the rpm of ejabberd with this, be aware you will probably break something, use a VM first


you must remove first nethserver-ejabberd then install nethserver-ejabberd-next

rpm -e --nodeps  nethserver-ejabberd
yum install https://mirror.de-labrusse.fr/NethDev/nethserver-ejabberd-next/nethserver-ejabberd-next-1.8.4-1.ns7.sdl.noarch.rpm ejabberd

thanks @stephdl
what might break exactly, is it only if you have a previous version installed, or for new installs its ok.

Does it integrate with existing ad,ldap combo…

it is the same as like other version however new version ejaberd could have changed things. Plus you have to download yourself the new ejabberd version on the main website.

keep in mind the mantra, use a vm first