Updates nethserver-roundcubemail

Hi everyone who can help me This morning I receive the email for updates And

Failed to check for updates with the following error message:
Failed to build transaction: nethserver-roundcubemail-next conflicts with nethserver-roundcubemail-1.5.1-1.ns7.noarch
nethserver-roundcubemail-1.5.1-1.ns7.noarch requires roundcubemail

what you need to do to fix it

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A fix is on the way, I recommend to wait. Here is a workaround:


Thank you
A layman’s question, if I leave it as it is and when will I risk something serious until it is truly resolved?

no the update is blocked when you have nethserver-roundcubemail installed. I have fixed my error but we have to wait that the new rpm is propagated to all repositories, I think we need to wait saturday 29/01/2022.

It is my personal revenge on the missing fosdem :smiley: