Updated Installer?

(Dave Land) #1

I would like to see an update for the installer .iso that would include configuration options for both the LAN and WAN interfaces (and others if they exist). As it stands now, there’s no way to effectively setup a second ethernet interface from the LAN web interface. Every card I tried to configure automatically defaults to the ‘green zone’ with no drop-down for the red, blue, or orange zone. I had to go in with PUTTY and manually edit to get the ‘red’ interface to work, and thus have internet access to download things for the software installer. Also it would be nice for advanced users to have more control over disk partitioning… maybe a selection for ‘Quick Install’ & ‘Expert Install’?
Just some thoughts for future versions. :wink:

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

(Filippo Carletti) #2

My idea for network configuration is to leave the installer as is, define a green, access the web interface and configure the red. I have tested an updated install following this idea and I found it easy and intuitive. What do you think?

Regarding disk partitioning, I suggest to use the CentOS standard installer (available in the boot menu).

(Dave Land) #3

As long as the dropdown for the different zones is available in the web interface, that would be great! When I installed, the dropdown was there, but would only allow for another ‘green’ zone NIC. :smile:

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

(Mark Edworthy) #4

I think that the disk partitioning could be improved, idea: why not a GUI based installer with Gparted (for use with the iso version)?

(Mark Edworthy) #5

@xmechanic, true, there is only a green zone when NS is installed but the other zones are configured when the firewall module is selected.

(Dave Land) #6

That would be great if you could GET the firewall module. The software installer just spins around and around unless you have a net connection (e.g. a ‘red’ zone NIC configured). Catch 22, LOL! :smiley:

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

EDIT: This may actually work if you’re configuring a stand-alone server that already has net access on the green NIC…, but not on a gateway/server setup that’s trying to get it’s primary net connection through the red NIC. Just a thought.

(Dave Land) #7

@filippo_carletti @medworthy What IF (don’t know if this would be feasible), the firewall module was installed by default on install, if it is actually needed to select additional NIC’s/Zones? It could always be uninstalled later via the software installer, if not needed for certain situations. Just throwing out ideas. Like I said, I don’t know if this would even be a workable solution…

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

(Filippo Carletti) #8

I largely agree with you @xmechanic and I’m advocating this change because it will simplify the system (options always complicate life).
Let’s find other supporters, we’ll persuade the developers.

(Stefano) #9

My 2€c: NS is extremely modular… you can start from a very minimal system and then add only what you need

installing something by default and then remove it is a bit awkward…

ideally, you install NS with only a nic/zone (green one), configure it with a GW and DNS… once you have it working (and your lan/wan/routing setup is up to you and doesn’t depend on NS), you’re done… you can add what you need…


(Peter Wulfing) #10

Yes, I agree. Please change the installer to allow a red interface to be selected either pre-install or during initial set-up.

I give up, how do you do it now?

(Filippo Carletti) #11

If I understood your question, I setup the system in my lan using my lan address and gateway, install the needed modules from the software center and change the configuration as needed.