Update version of rclone in repository

The current version of rclone (1.50.2) has a bug that can cause directories with more than 1,000 files to not recognize the additional files to be recognized as existing. This can cause unnecessary data copying, and for back-ends like S3 this can cause unnecessary usage charges as it copies the same files over and over.

This bug has been fixed for a while in rclone. Is it possible to update the repository to use a more recent version?

rclone is not required/provided by any NethServer package (but can be used with restic).
Could it be that you installed rclone from https://rclone.org/downloads/ ?
On EPEL7 repository there is rclone-1.47.0 (older version than yours).

I’m still pretty new to Nethserfver. I just did a yum install rclone and I wound up with the version I mentioned. You are right, I was able to run the install script from rclone and it got me the latest version without any issues. I just thought that someone moving to Nethserver and migrating their files to Nextcloud (or something else) via rclone may run into the same problem.

Can you run the following command to check which of your enabled repositories provide rclone?

yum provides rclone

Interesting… that shows the epel repo at 1.47 like you just mentioned.

The only thing I can think is that I had temporarily installed the stephdl repository to try to get PhpMyAdmin for some other purposes. Maybe it came from there? If not, I really have no idea how I got version 1.50.2.

In any case, I think all versions prior to 1.51 have the issue with more than 1,000 files. I’m not really familiar with how repository management - is there an easy way for NethServer to pick a package other than what EPEL uses?

With the package you had installed before the command rpm -qi rclone would had provided the source (maybe somewhere in yum history still does). Sorry, forgot to tell you before.

Usually upstream applies security patches to older versions, or releases a new version (depends on the repository rules). I think the proper way to handle it would be contacting the package maintainer (for EPEL7 repo, filing a bug report on bugzilla.redhat.com, if I’m not mistaken).