Update Notifications have stopped

My system has stopped sending “updates are available” notifications since I updated from 7.6.1810 to 7.7.1908.
Please see my support post here:

I get other notification emails from failed cron jobs, but /etc/cron.daily/0yum-daily.cron does not send any notifications.
I’m currently manually checking the software center for updates.
The system should send an “updates are available” notification when updates are available.


Notifications should be sent to root mail address, please check the value of config getprop root EmailAddress (you can see it also from Cockpit Settings page).

Also check if the command is failing in cron: grep yum /var/log/cron

config getprop root EmailAddress is a valid email address on the Neth box.
it’s also the same as on the cockpit settings page.

grep yum /var/log/cron-20191127 gives
Nov 27 03:11:02 nethserver run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[15873]: starting 0yum-daily.cron
Nov 27 06:11:26 nethserver run-parts(/etc/cron.daily)[1389]: finished 0yum-daily.cron

I’ve done a bit of troubleshooting in my other post, please see post 8 in my other thread on this topic.

(sorry for posting twice on the same topic, i created this thread as a bug report).


OK, so i’ve changed nothing, and have just received an “updates are available” email.

This is the message:
The following updates will be downloaded on nethserver.xxx.org.uk:
Package Arch Version Repository Size
nethserver-lang-cockpit noarch 1.4.2-3.ns7 sb-nethserver-updates 1.2 M
nethserver-lang-en noarch 1.4.2-3.ns7 sb-nethserver-updates 25 k
nethserver-vpn-ui noarch 1.2.6-1.ns7 sb-nethserver-updates 813 k

Transaction Summary
Upgrade 3 Packages
Updates downloaded successfully.

Those updates are all from the sb-nethserver-updates repository. There are other updates listed in Software Center but they’re from the sb-epel repository.