Update hplip drivers in cups

I installed cups on my nethserver, I can add my network printer but the model (HPM M452dn) is not (yet) supported in the version on Nethserver. However it is suppoprted in an ewer version of the hplip package. Is there a way to update the hplip drivers to the more current version ??

Verify if hplip drivers is compatible with CentOS 7
install it manually using an RPM/repository.
The second one is should be done with some grain of salt.

Third option: use the automatic script install

Automatic or Manual Installation?

HPLIP downloads are available as an Automatic Installer package and as a Manual Install Tarball package. We recommend that most users use the Automatic Installer (provided your Linux distribution is supported by this method). If your distribution is not supported by the Automatic Installer, you will need to perform a manual install.

The HPLIP Automatic Installer

The Automatic Installer is known to work on the following Linux Distributions:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (6.0, 7.0, 7.2, 7.6,7.7,7.8,**7.9**,8.0,8.2,8.3,8.4)

hp printer drivers work fairly well using any one of @pike above suggestions and if your hp is not listed theres a very good chance you can use a compatible one as for more info take a look here Driver: hplip | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation and as i said if you printer is lets say HP LaserJet 3393 but they only support 3392 chances are you can use 3392 or 3390

now if scanners were as easy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Succes, I ended up extracting the correct .ppd driver for my printer from hplip and uploading it via cups webinterface instead of installing the entire .rpm.
All works well now, thx for the quick advice !!