Update fails When Node not found


I was informed to not tag bug, since NS8 is not yet releases,
but was not sure of the most appropriate tag

Steps to reproduce.

Deploy new NS8 instance

Add a node to the server.
enable testing repo, to get new update notifications

Delete/ remove the node from existence, while still attached to the Main node.

Try running updates.

Is this a feature or a bug? and why should/would updates on cluster-admin fail if a node is not present
Should Updates continue, and when the new Node comes back online, IF IT DOES the new updates can be applied to the new node as well?

OR Else,

Implement a Function that checks and confirms the availability of all Nodes first during updates initiation.

If a Node is not found, Notify the user of this problem and or Print the command to remove the Node, if the user doe snot intend to re-attach the new Node