Upcoming NethServer 7.7.1908 release

Ah I see, that is no problem :grinning:
We build DUC ourselves, it is not installed from the centos-distro repository.

Both for arm and x86_64?

@pike yes

Laziness: since there are no useful features or important bug fixed, there is no need to update it :slight_smile:

Please go ahead, zevv is very open to PRs!

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it seems Centos 7.7 (1908) is out… centos 8 to be released next week :vulcan_salute:


:mega: packages.nethserver.org repositories announcement

Starting from September 24 automated RPM builds on Travis will upload to 7.7.1908 repositories.

YUM repositories of version 7.6.1810 are staying active for manual RPM uploads until 7.7.1908 Final is released.


just a heads-up:

the centos vault for armhfp and aarch64 7.6 is also populated :+1:
meaning the (ultimate) release-lock should work for arm too :wink:


Always a bit concerned whether we can reproduce on arm, especially 32bit. :thinking:

Without to much toughs wat we need, does it work…etc, this builds on armhfp/x86_64:

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Regarding this, we also need to ship a kernel module as binary package for nDPI.
Is nDPI currently supported in the ARm build? If not, we can safely change nethserver-ndpi architecture from noarch to x86_64, otherwise se should try to find a work around.

No we have not an because on arm we use different kernels, some may (like me) build/use a custom kernel to support their device, it is not maintainable. Same thing with Asterisk (dahdi linux)…

In the past I kept track of the nethserver-packages (and their dependencies) who actually are supported on arm. Hench I occasionally notice the old obsolete packages…

Maybe a item on the 7.7.1908 todo-list subcategory nice-to-have is actual white-listing of noach’s for arm ? :sweat_smile: cc/@davidep

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I just (forcibly) pushed my v49 branch here: https://github.com/DavidePrincipi/ns-samba/tree/v49

Compare with current master https://github.com/NethServer/ns-samba/compare/master...DavidePrincipi:v49

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I force push all the time on the wip-branches :innocent:

I see there are more “BuildRequires” in your branch: are they really needed for ARM builds? Should I try to merge them in x86_64 or to add some %ifdef?

As said I did not really give it much thought, first time it did not build due to missing requirments.
then i’d just “pasted” this in:


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The change has been moved up to… now! Travis builds now upload to 7.7.1908.

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Which version of rspamd are targeting for 7.7 ?

cc/ @stephdl

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I hope 1.9.4-3, we are waiting 2.0, but I do not think we will have it


Trying to upgrade to 7.7 1908 but I am not having luck with getting my server to upgrade

We are working on it, the release is not ready.
If you want to test it (without any support):

yum update --enablerepo=nethserver-testing nethserver-subscription
signal-event software-repos-upgrade

first test on a almost clean (only nethserver-dante installed) 7.6 VM
it seems all OK, i have only two error/information, both seems that can be ignored