Unmute Topics in bulk and apologize for every not given answer

HI @alefattorini ,
I was wondering about some topics doesn’t appear anymore in my Profile. When I was logged out they were here, as soon as I was logged in they disappeared.
I found that I’ve muted several topics accedently. I found them under my preferences/topics with “show muted topics”. I think that happend, when I hit the “dissmiss” in unread?
I searched google for “unmuting in bulk in discourse”, but didn’t find a working solution.

  1. Can you please give a hint how to unmute in bulk, if possible at all? :pray: Thanks.
  2. I want to apologize for every not done reply in one of those topics, as I didn’t get a message about it, because I foolish muted them. I’m really sorry, but it wasn’t meant in a bad way. :innocent:

Haven’t tried but you can access https://community.nethserver.org/latest?state=muted


There’s a feature request to have that function.


Hi @dnutan , thanks for answering.
I found that and tried it, but I cant find the :wrench: as discribed there. :thinking:

Don’t you have it on the top-right side?

No. Could you send a sceen shot please? Maybe I had a beer to much yesterday. :smile:

Updated my first answer with screenshots. This is from a desktop computer, from a tablet/smartphone could differ. If you don’t have it maybe some additional rights are needed.

Hi Marc,

no :wrench: on my side.

I tried in Opra, Chrome and IE. Selected muted topics, scrolled down until message “no more topics”, scrolled up to top again, but there is no :wrench: ! :upside_down: That drives me nuts!
Oh and it’s also a desktop. Any more hints please? :pray:

I tried it, for me it works, but I think at our community only a moderator can see it.
So we have to ask @alefattorini to make this function available for others.

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Thank you Michael, that’s an explanation!
Puhhh, now I think I can sleep tonight. :smile:

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@alefattorini any news on my missing :wrench: ? :upside_down:

Oh I think Alessio has not so much time at the moment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, you 're right, he has to care about his family.
Sorry, my fault. :blush: