Unknown Error on my Nethserver

NethServer Version: 7.6 1810 (final)

Hello friends,

For three days I have my freshly installed Nethserver back in operation. In the last two days I always get an email from the system with the message:

Anacron job ‘cron.daily’ on xxx.xxx.com


2019-02-11 12: 37: 57.919306 ERROR puppetlabs.facter - error while resolving custom fact “backup”: no implicit conversion of nil into string

Who knows what the cause is / can be?

Thanks and regards…


Have you configured subscription on this server?

Seems ruby-related error on puppetlabs.facter file…

Yes, i have.

Please, try to configure one backup.
If the problem persists, execute:

facter -j

and report here the output.


I configured the backup and last night run the first backup. The message no longer appears.

Thanks for the help…


Thank you for reporting, I will still try to avoid such error!