Unified Migratable and reproduceable config for NS8

I recently came across an interesting Operating system called NixOS
well, its more a Linux Distro.
the Most interesting bit of it is its config system, which if copied between installations of the operating systems, can be reproduceable across multiple instances. this in some way also drew some kind of resemblance though at an advanced level to the gitlab rb config system.

For Most members of this community, i am sure, irrespective of how many instance sof Nethserver that are currently being used and implemented, there are a number of applications, configs and tools that are replicated across the different installations, maybe with afew chages or improvements.

I am not sure how deep or late in the development process of Nethserver we are in, or how early we are to implement a similar feature or functions.

A unified configuration file or folder(considering nethserver previous implementation) that if copied between installations of Nethserver, could replicate the entire system, the applications and packages installed, the system users, AD or Ldap users if any and so on and so on. this will be extremely Nifty and fantastic especially if i want to make a deployment of NS multiple times with similar configurations for these installations.

What do you think about this kind of Approach.

for the one who doesnt want to Read Notes on Nixos on the concept, i have a few videos down below to get you up to speed.
NIX OS: the BEST package manager on the MOST SOLID Linux distribution - YouTube

(1056) NixOS is Mindblowing - YouTube