Understanding Clustering Domain and DNS in NS8

Ns8 has the ability of migrating modules between different Server/Nodes.

In some instances, each of the other node might have their own public ip address.

WHen i have a Master node, with publix ip

and i have a domainA pointed to1.1.1.1

if i add a second Node and the second server has ip

When a module migration/cloning of the module to the second Node with ip

Do i also need to adjust the SN records of the said Module to point to the second node ip, or so long as they are all pointed to node 1 they will work.

Does this scenraio apply to Node 1(master) alone, or the hostname can be pointed to any node in the cluster, and it will still work.


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Dreaming of a global failover?

→ Of course you will need DNS pointers set correctly.
NS8 doesn’t bypass the Internet by routing everything over it’s internal VPN.
(And if it could, you wouldn’t have a failover!).

Moving worker nodes has nothing to do with DNS.

Amazon’s AWS, but also others offers the option of having rack space & virtual servers all over the globe. You can basically “move” them anywhere.
→ Even if you have your DNS at AWS, you would need to change / adapt the DNS.

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