Unable to remote login to MySQL(MariaDB)

NethServer Version: NS7, last update
Module: Mysql (MariaDB)

Hello. I’m setting up a NS7 server and I’m trying to set up a connection to the MySQL database from another host inside the lan (which is a DHCP client and AD client of said server), with LibreOffice Base.

I have installed PHPMyAdmin and created a user with privileges for any server and a new database I have created, but the connection gets refused when trying to add the database in libreoffice, with and port 3306 (ip address of nethserver)

No firewalls are blocking the connections, the host is in the same network,etc.

Do I need to enable remote login somewhere to be able to, or is it a weird error?

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On server-manager -> Security -> Network services, please check that mysqld is enabled from green (lan).


Thank you! worked like a charm. It’s always the little things you forget about :sweat_smile: