Unable to join domain in windows10 and not able to ping from domain

Version - NS 7.6


I have installed NS 7.6, and installed SSSD Active Directory Create new Domain, and created DHCP server. DNS ip i have provided …201 in Dhcp and domain ad.test.lan. Windows 10 is taking ip from dhcp server but not able to ping provided domain. Kindly help me out from this problem.

IN NS DNS - i have set hostname and ip address with same following details. But no success.

Domain - ad.test.lan
AD ip -

Please try to provide NS IP - in your DHCP-Server Settings for DNS…


If you use virtualization you may have to enable promiscuous mode.


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Thanks for reply !

i am using Proxmox hypervisor, i see if i could enable this feature in this.

i try to set and then get back to here.

Please also try to set NS only as DNS for the clients as @fausp suggested.

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when i do setup test.local domain in fresh installation of NS7, and when i am pinging it from windows 10, its showing following an error.

ping request could not find host “test.local”. please check the name and try again

Nethserver provides a samba domain like ad.domain.tld by default.

Can you ping ad.test.local?

i have setup DHCP and flush dns command with ipconfig. Now its pingable.

and successfully joined domain.

Thanks for your valuable support.

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