Unable to activate trial subscription

This is the my first post.
I wanna try the NethServer trial for 30 days.
I’ve downloaded the iso from https://www.nethserver.org/getting-started-with-nethserver/ and registered my user into https://my.nethserver.com/servers website.
Now I’ve got a key 247074xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcfde206a7c8fdaa3 but if I paste in the box this is the result:
Verifica fallita Segreto non valido
“Verifica fallita: Segreto non valido”
Where make I mistake?

Is your installation fully updated?

I think so yes.
NethServer 7.9.2009

AFAIK, the registration procedure cannot tell if the token is really not valid or if your NethServer couldn’t reach my.nethserver.com due to network problems.
You could use the System -> Network -> Ping utility to discover if your nethserver can reach my.nethserver.com.
Retry to subscribe after fixing your network.
In case of further problems, we will debug the whole procedure at a lower level.


Is the renew process ok now? In 3 weeks I need a renewal.

Yes, it should be ok.

Goal! the ping into my firewall fail: the nic red is down.
I’ve correct this and now: