Unable to access shared folder from windows explorer

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: File Sharing
Installed nethserver on amazon ec2

I have created a shared folder with local ldap users and trying to acces from my windows explorer i’m not able to access it. please help

Shared folders are restricted to the internal network by default and shouldn’t be opened to the public. Additionally if you use LDAP you cannot set permissions for the shares. You may use VPN to access the shared folder.

Nextcloud is an alternative to share files. It allows syncing to local devices.

ok if i install nethserver on my pc’s virtual box and then i should be able to access shared folder correct?


If you use samba DC you may need to allow promiscuous mode in virtualbox. It’s not needed for LDAP.

ok thank you so much i will check on my vitualbox ,it’s ldap only .
thanks a lot

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Hi if I have installed it on Digital Ocean Cloud, then it must be accessible via public IP or domain name.

But i’ not able to access it please help