Unable to access NextCloud

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: NextCloud


i am facing an issue regarding NextCloud. I have installed Nextcloud on NS7.4 but i am not able to open or access webUI of nextcloud. Simply its not working. So please let me know what kind of issue is going on. Why after installation its not opening.
Please Help.


After the installation:

  • open the url https://your_nethserver_ip/nextcloud
  • use admin/Nethesis,1234 as default credentials
  • change the default password

All users configured inside any user provider can automatically access the NextCloud installation. After the installation a new application widget is added to the NethServer web interface dashboard (Applications panel).

How are you trying to get access to Nextcloud? Can you provide more details on the problem (do you get any error message)?

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Thanks for reply!

After installation i am trying to open “https://server_ip/nextcloud”. But its showing “This site can’t be reached”.

is httpd service running?

Do you mean.

service http status ?

Yes, the status of httpd (apache) web server:

systemctl status httpd

httpd service


yess http service is Running !

i have done fresh installation but not working ! https://server_ip/nextcloud

Are you trying to access it from LAN or from WAN?

You can try to do a reinstall of nextcloud:

yum reinstall nethserver-nextcloud nextcloud

Then try to access Nextcloud (from Applications panel -> Nextcloud) from LAN.
If still cannot access post the relevant parts (errors/warnings/failures) from /var/log/messages and /var/log/httpd/ssl_error_log related to nextcloud.

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yes its solved !

thanks bro !