Unable to access cockpit on VPS

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: E-mail

Hi everyone, i’ve installed on a VPS on Contabo: setup the installation on CentOS 7 minimal was a breeze and started configuring my settings. After the installation of Fail2Ban and Email module the cockpit session starting strange behavior: tried to refresh the page - nothing, tried in incognito mode - nothing, tried another browser - nothing. I am able to login with ssh and the VPS is reachable on http and https but the cockpit interface no. What can i do now?

Edit: checking open port check tool i saw that port 9090 is closed :open_mouth: ; to restore the default configuration i should check iptables?

Edit.2: solved! Stoping shorewall let me access again to the cockpit interface :smiley:

and started it again or leave it in a down state?

I left it stopped, but once logged in i tried to start it and it saw it’s already started

Good :slight_smile:
I used Contabo too and maybe you are interested in this