Ufdbguard blocks ssh tunnel

(Denis Robel) #1


today I figured out that ufdbguard is blocking ssh access to a server (outsite of my lan) with a self sinǵned certificate.

Can I switch off ssh blocking for a special domain / IP ?

with warm regards from Leipzig


The documentation of ufdbguard is a little bit poor in that point.

(Markus Neuberger) #2

Hi Denis,

are you sure ufdbguard is blocking?

You may bypass the proxy so ufdbguard can’t check:


(Denis Robel) #3


yesterday I had much time to investigate the problem.
The ssl tunnel was blocked for one destination only.

So I checked all possibilities

  • fail2ban
  • firewall rules
  • firewall dynamic blocking

And ola: my destination was blocked by shorewall. The reason why I could not discover …

Now all is working fine.