Ubuntu Mate 20.10 - Join Active Directory domain during install!

“The Ubuntu Desktop team added the option to enroll your computer into an Active Directory domain during install.”

I would like to join a Nethserver AD… I tried it with a MS Windows Server 2019:

and it worked ! - But not with Nethserver AD :unamused:. I used a fresh installed Server…

Maybe someone can help ?

Sorry you have no answer till now. Did you have a solution yet?
If not, what error you get?

cc @support_team

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It is not clear who is “Administrator”: is it a local user or the AD administrator account?

Please note that “administrator” is disabled in the NethServer AD domain. Use “admin” or a member of the “domain admins” group instead!



I was able to finish the Ubuntu install-setup but not to login with a domain-user… :unamused:
I will stay tuned…

OK, I am able to login with a domain user now.

All I had to do was to login with the local user-account and fire up this command for each user who should be allowed to login with domain-credentials:

sudo realm permit admin@ad.test.lan

Please test this out!