Uber cool project I want to share with you

I found this very nice tool that makes it possible to boot from several ISO images from a simple USB drive. It is called Ventoy.
You install Ventoy on a USB drive. It creates 2 partitions. 1 partition as ex-fat (if you can’t mount it on linux, install fuse-exfat oackage) where you copy your ISO files. Then make sure you boot from the USB drive and you are presented with a list of all those ISO files to choose from. After selecting hit enter and your pc or laptop boots that ISO image.
I used to have a zalman external diskdrive that could this, but it had a crappy microUSB3 connector and selecting the iso’s was terrible.
But with this tool you can convert any USB drive into a multi ISO boot device. Very nice to have your several swiss army knife ISO’s available on a single USB stick.
Find the project at https://www.ventoy.net/en/index.html


The only “suspect” thing is the source…

Why? you can check the source at github…

It’s a chinese software. That don’t mean anything. Or can mean something.

Hi, I use it since two weeks now to make unattended windows 10 installations… Would be cool to use such tools under nethserver to boot directly from ISOs, either bios and uefi?

Thanks for sharing, I use easy2boot but it’s not fully open source so I’m going to try ventoy.

I tried several ISO’s Most of them just work. There is a list of confirmed ISO’s on the Ventoy website.
It took me to downloading the Ubuntuunity ISO. And I must say I am very tempted to go back to Ubuntu with Unity DE. It was because Canonical ditched Unity I left Ubuntu as daily workhorse.