Uber cool project I want to share with you

I found this very nice tool that makes it possible to boot from several ISO images from a simple USB drive. It is called Ventoy.
You install Ventoy on a USB drive. It creates 2 partitions. 1 partition as ex-fat (if you can’t mount it on linux, install fuse-exfat oackage) where you copy your ISO files. Then make sure you boot from the USB drive and you are presented with a list of all those ISO files to choose from. After selecting hit enter and your pc or laptop boots that ISO image.
I used to have a zalman external diskdrive that could this, but it had a crappy microUSB3 connector and selecting the iso’s was terrible.
But with this tool you can convert any USB drive into a multi ISO boot device. Very nice to have your several swiss army knife ISO’s available on a single USB stick.
Find the project at https://www.ventoy.net/en/index.html


The only “suspect” thing is the source…

Why? you can check the source at github…

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It’s a chinese software. That don’t mean anything. Or can mean something.

Hi, I use it since two weeks now to make unattended windows 10 installations… Would be cool to use such tools under nethserver to boot directly from ISOs, either bios and uefi?

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Thanks for sharing, I use easy2boot but it’s not fully open source so I’m going to try ventoy.


easy2boot recently integrated ventoy.

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I tried several ISO’s Most of them just work. There is a list of confirmed ISO’s on the Ventoy website.
It took me to downloading the Ubuntuunity ISO. And I must say I am very tempted to go back to Ubuntu with Unity DE. It was because Canonical ditched Unity I left Ubuntu as daily workhorse.

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Updated today for support GPT partition style (of the media)

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Have not tried it yet, but NethServer is listed as compatible ISO.

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Maybe someone submitted the compatibility check request.
In any case, NethServer is a customized CentOS7 install iso image, therefore should always be compatible when corresponding CentOS7 iso is compatible.