Two SATA Hard Disk Setup

Can NS7 work with two SATA hard disks under a non-raid setup? I am thinking of installing NS7 in one hdd and use the other as say for caching or backup. I have two spare SATAs 400GB and 160GB.
Next question would be should I install NS7 in the 400GB or 160GB?
I currently use pfsense and found it terribly difficult to have more than one disk setup.

Of course this is possible. If you choose an interactive setup you can custom partition your disks as you like.


Just be aware that a backup on an interna disk is not a backup

Not completely true: if you mount the 2nd internal disk just as a datadisk, for instance under /mnt/data and you backup your server to that disk, you have a legit backup. Sure you have to be aware that the disk is in the same box as your server but technically there is no real difference between this and a (permanently) mounted USB disk.

Infact an USB permanently connected HD is not a backup and it will give a false sense of security