Two different backups?

NethServer Version: 7.8.

Hi Guys, one another question.
Is it possible to configure two different backups for the same machine?

  1. full Backup each day
  2. backup of the mail directory only each hour?

How can I configure it?

regards, Marko

Yes, but

Not in that way.

I thought you read thoughtfully the documentation, but it seems you didn’t.
So, for the last time for 2020, i will link the documentation.

So you can have multiple data backup, into different “places” (Local USB, FTP, SMB, WebDAV, if I remember correctly maybe even NFS), so you won’t be… tighten to only one media/place where to save your data. For every “data backup” you can have separate schedule, policy, credentials for access the network-connected storage. BUT
It will backup the whole server data and the configuration.
If you’re going to encrypt the data backup, be sure to save time to time the configuration backup also outside your server, because if the disk system cracks or the filesystem goes holiday, if you don’t have a… copy/paste data of your encryption key, or recent configuration backup, you may won’t be able to access your encrypted backup.

I hope that dev buddies will soon ad an option for a… schedule email of the configuration into the sysadmin email box, even via smarthost.

You want more? Be bold! Whatever… not necessarily into text of these post.
A lot of solutions are available for linux, starting from bakula, therefore amanda, therefore… one thousand of other backup products. Only… take a thorough read to develop and admin manual to do the right things before starting the file backup and doing the right commands for backup something useful, not a bunch of files. And please, bold won’t mean careless: if you’re satisfied with your… quite tricky and long setup, don’t do any test on production server!
Start the backup if your current main server with the provided tools, but… don’t stop there.
The wonder of NethServer is that you can create a test server for your backup experiments, maybe restoring part of the data (mailboxes and so long), but please… take a detailed documentation of what you did good, what you did wrong and how correctly the restore.
Consider to print a version of that documentation to keep it in a handy place (computers keeps crashing and breaking all the time) without any password. For avoiding… social engineering (yeah, seems mocking you during this virus time but… will happen again).

Hope this will help you.

Thank you Michael for you helpful comment. You made my day.

I’m out.

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Hi Marko

Actually you CAN make different backups…

AFAIK, the Include / Exclude list for each Backup is individual.

One Backup you save the whole server
The second backups excludes all files, except the mail subdirs.


Docs? Here:


-> Sometimes I do read the docs, and not only the first three lines… :wink:

My 2 cents

Dumb me…

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