Tunnels Openvpn - Lan to lan - Nethserver 7.9, port open 3389 server windows, red client

My greetings.
I mention that I have a configuration of an openvpn tunnel in netserver 7.9, on one side you have public ips (server) and on the other side only private ips (client), as vpn everything works excellent.
The need is that I want to open port 3389 on a windows server that is on the client network side, where I only have private ips, internally I can open port 3389 of the windows server that is on the other side, but when I access the internet with a public ip through PORT FORWARD I can’t access.
Any ideas to fix this configuration.
They are thanked.


Did you already exclude firewall issues on the Windows server itself?

You may check the network traffic with tcpdump:

Please secure the public RDP connection as good as possible (SSL, 2FA). As an alternative you may use a roadwarrior openvpn for internet clients to access the Windows Server.

You could also consider using Guacamole or MeshCentral for remote access/management of your clients and not expose anything related publicly.

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