Ttying Softether VPN on Nethserver

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waiting for a more exhaustive howto from @Sean_Maloney and tnx to @giacomo for links
i have built the rpm following the instruction on github, but using latest sources…

a small recap for who want to test SoftEtherVPN

for TESTING ONLY… don’t install on production server

create new VM with nethserver 6.6… and update it then:

$ yum install

$ config set fw_softether service status enabled TCPPorts 8888,5555,992,1194 access public
$ signal-event firewall-adjust

$ service vpnserver start
$ chkconfig vpnserver on

from a windows pc, download:

install it and connect to nethserver_ip (no 443)

note: i’ve only tested the openvpn clone server function, and seems to work.
The other thing i’m interested before go on, is to see if it’s possible to use the nethserver as auth server, but i think i will not have time to do other tests before this or the next weekend.
Please share here your tests results

remember it’s only for testing purpose, :pray: please don’t install on production server

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It’s in my todolist, thanks mate! Amazing work just for now! :stuck_out_tongue:
Is this your first rpm?

Nooo the spec file is on github so it was an easy task… but wait only a couple of years and i’ll package something :smile:

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Right! Well said! You’re a brave dev :wink:
Looking forward to your marvelous future achievements!

I installed SoftEther on one of my test NS VMs and put the admin tools on my PC at work. I’ll do some point-to-point testing tomorrow, but everything appears to work fine so far.

if you use fw_softether as service name, you’d use fw_softether to start/stop it too

I got a bit fed up with SoftEther and stopped testing it. :smile:

It seemed to work ok, but this quote sums up my feelings about it:

tnx @Adam , i hope to have some time in the week end to make some test and yes i agree with you and filippo, but i still have the curiosity to test it, but it has a low priority, and i still hope in a @Sean_Maloney howto :slight_smile:

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