Trying to set up vpn neth2net

Hello, i am new to NS and Im loving it, i am trying to set up NS in the cloud as a domain master, with vpn going back to the Stores (16 stores). I see it comes with openvpn (never been a fan of openvpn). What would be the best way of setting up a vpn for this and how. i am open to any thoughts. Like i said our main dm is in AZ on our cloud.

Thanks kris

Hi @chcllc welcome!
Try this way:


  • new account, vpn only configuring remote lan (server2)
  • download certificate+key+ca and open it with an editor
  • configure the main panel with
  • enable server rw
  • auth method: certificate
  • routed and LZO


  • create a new client
  • choose a name
  • fill public remote IP (server1)
  • port 1194
  • check LZO
  • check routed
  • auth method: certificate

Test it out and let us know.

p.s. If it helps you can return the favour introducing yourself here :yum:

Thank you, is there a way to go from nethserver to vpn router? (cisco or linksy) openvpn dont play well with vpn routers.

In this case you should use ipsec and open a new topic about it :smile:
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