Trying to join freenas to nethserver wiped out users and groups

Trying to get my freenas server to pull users and groups from nethserver wiped out all of my users and groups in nethserver. then of course DNS didn’t work properly anymore so I had to connect to the web interface with the actual IP address. Thank God I backed up my VM this morning which I’m now in the process of restoring. How is this even possible? I’m starting to think that setting up nethserver as an LDAP server was a bad idea. I never saw this type of behavior with Active Directory. Do most people use AD as opposed to LDAP? The install instructions recommend LDAP.

Hi, I’ve found your post only now.
Did you try it again after restore?

Both should work. I use AD and synced it with horde, that went fine.
Benefit of AD is sharing files.

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I ended up re-building Nethserver from scratch using Active Directory, LDAP was not a good choice for me.