Trying to get Nethserver-nfs working

First and foremost, thank you for an amazing collection of software - every issue I’ve had to date has been because of my own bone-headed mistakes, and I’ve muddled through most of them.
I think this one isn’t my fault however.
I’m trying to get NFS working, and I installed nethserver-nfs, nethserver-samba, and nethserver-ibay.
Everything seemed to go smoothly, except that I failed to notice the “No package nethserver-ibay available.” that sped past near the middle.
When I go to the “File Shares” section of NS, I get an error message;

[4096] Argument 1 passed to Nethgui\Widget\AbstractWidget::insert() must implement interface Nethgui\Renderer\WidgetInterface, null given, called in /usr/share/nethesis/NethServer/Template/SharedFolder/Plugin/Nfs.php on line 17 and defined

See the system log for details.

I created a pastebin with the output of the parts that seemed important;

It looks like there should be a variable being set; ->insert($gid) but it isn’t.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you…

Had this issue as well. I got past it for now by commenting out the line.

Did you install nethserver-nfs from my repo…i’m really not sure, please go and install following the wiki procedure

Yes, this is installed from your repo;
root # rpm -qi nethserver-nfs
Name : nethserver-nfs
Version : 0.1.0
Release : 1.ns7.sdl
Architecture: noarch
Install Date: Fri 02 Jun 2017 07:14:36 AM EDT
Group : Networking/Daemons
Size : 35433
License : GPL
Signature : DSA/SHA1, Sat 01 Apr 2017 05:21:51 AM EDT, Key ID 1f7a371cf5194398
Source RPM : nethserver-nfs-0.1.0-1.ns7.sdl.src.rpm
Build Date : Sat 01 Apr 2017 05:21:41 AM EDT
Build Host : leo.lan
Relocations : (not relocatable)
Vendor : NethServer
Summary : nethserver - configure nfs server

And, testing the advice given by Kyle_Rebbe, I can affirm that commenting out line 17 of the file listed above does allow changes to be saved, but one thing that seems odd to me, you cannot define a range of hosts, only single valid IPs. is okay, tested, and working, fails with
Allowed IP client list
IP address list
in red.

Ok fun but you hit a bug…not at home yet, stay tuned.

For the ip range it is not a bug, just an undocumented feature =_=

concerning the bug of the line 17, it occurs when you dont use the ad account provider, I missed to to an exception. The next release will do it.

Please, when you found a bug, shout it, don’t comment lines :’(

This is a limitation I wanted, You cannot set a network with write permissions, It is too much insecure. What do you think if the whole networks can write to you shares with just one click in a panel.

But if you need it, You can allow all the local networks to read your shares.

done, released

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[4] syntax error, unexpected 'if' (T_IF), expecting ',' or ';' See the system log for details.

It’s getting interesting!
Would you like the log file?
Thank you!

rpm -qa nethserver-nfs

Please give the output, what is the account provider you have installed

None, openldap, samba ad ?

my bad, install the new release, this one is workable :’(


That seems to have done it.
Thank you , thank you, thank you!

I cannot find the nethserver-nfs package. Where is it now?
Or is there another easy way to make just the home directory available to a user on a linux ad client?

Hi @rasi,

take a look here, you have to install stephdl repo: