Trusted Network / Email Relay

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: email

I want some internal machines to send emails via Nethserver. I somehow feel that
“Allow relay from trusted networks” is not enough, it seems that I do need to allow relay for individuals IPs.

My question:
At what criteria does Nethserver consider an applicant as “within the trusted networks”?

Is it necesssary that:

  • the machines has an IP within “green”, in my case 192.168.1.x
  • the machines IP is assigned by Nethserver DHCP
  • the machines IP is set as a reserved IP, regardless if assigend manually or by DHCP
  • to assign some wildcard for SMTP access > Allow relay from IP addresses, such as (…0) does not work

Thank you


No, but you do need to define the network it IS on, as trusted:

Given these settings, all computers residing on or will be able to use the mailserver as relay.

No. But this IS adviced due to how dnsmasq works afaik. If you need your clients to be browseable by hostname, this is required I think.

Only if it overlaps your DHCP scope, and it might be a way to work around previous issue.

This is done through trusted networks, unless I missunderstand the last question.

perfect for my understandstanding.