Trust establishment between this workstation and the primary domain failed

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: domain controller

Hey everybody i had a Problem to rejoin the domain. after i go out of the domain and try to go back into the domain i receive this error.“Trust establishment between this workstation and the primary domain failed” the client is a win 11 22h2 with the latest updates. any ideas?

Was the previous computer account removed from the AD domain?

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no it was not

Would you consider to look for how to delete it and delete it before try another domain join?

i would give it a try, yes

did you have a howto for that?

I’m sorry, i don’t.
However, you could try with the RSAT by Microsoft.

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thank you Michael

unfortunateley it is not working with windows 11 :frowning: its a nightmare

To understand the problem better have a read here:

Not sure if related (didn’t read it fully):


If it’s referred to installing RSAT:
Option 1

Option 2: on powershell
Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT* -Online | Add-WindowsCapability -Online

If the answer is: RSAT don’t attach to the NSDC container (which has different IP address than NethServer installation) remember than at least the DNS server should/could be NDSC.

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i will try it, thank you for your support


You can use PHPLDAPAdmin from the NethServer Modules to remove the Win11 workstation from the AD, before trying to re-add it…

My 2 cents

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hello everyone, so i did not make it and think i have to reinstall all, what a mess. i also tried the last idea from @Andy_Wismer (thanks a lot) and removed the Workstation but still no success with it. Any other ideas? Would be great to hear from you.

Hi @hucky

Windows 11 AFAIK has repeated issues joining or remaining joined to a Samba AD. Win10 does NOT have these issues…

Which is one of the reasons I don’t use Win11 at all for my clients or myself. I only have a single Wn11 VM under Proxmox for testing.

Add tob that the main reason for upgrading, if not replacing old hardware: None of the business Apps (yet) require Win11, all used Apps are satisfied with Win10…

So one problem gone, at least for now and this year… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

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Question is: will this issue be enough for developmemt team to consider a version of Samba with less problems than this?


I think more, the question is: When will people be smart enough to realize the rich tech industry is misusing them as free and dumb ginuea pigs…

Just because MS .net is in almost every monthly update doesn’t mean it’s good or even well developped software. It’s crap and a can of worms at best. If it were halfway good, a feature upgrade once a year would be more than enough! It would not need almost weekly bug fixes and updates…

And to think people used to think of me as a Microsoft “Guru”…
Just because I was better and faster than the expensively trained Minesweeper Consultants and Solitaire Experts (MCSE) as we called them back then!

My 2 cents

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I cannot believe I am gonna do that. Pheeewww… Let’s go
What’s going next is OT. Feel free to skip at the next post.

Thanks for your standard pitch about Microsoft products. I cannot say that is one of the harshest or one of the most inaccurate, but let’s try to get a gist about the status of OSes in the dying market of computers.

Linux for desktops even after years is a no go. More standards appear, more packages, more “ways to do the same thing”, some better, some worse, some tailored exclusively for the needs of the lead developer of the project. Some companies propose some specific distro for enterprises, which are (due to the support contract requirements for staring the project) quite OSas. The one that Microsoft is trying to pitch sooner than later with virtual PCs on the cloud named Microsoft 365.
Mac OS XI (poetry license) is quite picky, by license, where to run. If you don’t rent a kidney to someone else, Apple devices (AKA e-Waste after opening the box: no upgrade/update, costrained repair, serialization of the spare parts: you bought it, but it’s not yours) not base models are pricey to say the least, and kept the pitch price higher and higher since 2013. Now with proprietary hardware it even cannot run x86 code (unless you pay for the privilege, AKA Parallels) on top of the hole in your pocket after buying an ARM-based Mac. After several year of “nonsense” lineup, some new and less stupid things are present on latest Macbooks, but again. You buy a thing with a timer, not that short, t when (not if) Apple will elapse it and cut the rope, you can trash your thing. I forgot. the OS. So. I consider Mail and Safari quite a joke. And not a funny one, because even Outlook can act better and more standard-compliant than the “supposed email client” delivered by Apple. Which currently deliver also a year-update of the OS, which needs at least x.3 version for being less bleeding edge when touched. The only thing that makes really interesting Apple now is… Computer-grade ARM SoCs.
Redmond is a saint? Not at all. But Windows it’s still far more diffused, available, and flexible than the mopolistic approach of Cupertino. And still can relate a 2015 OS (WIndows 10) with a 2001 OS if necessary (Windows XP). Using a stupid but real approach: it’s here, and it wont’ go away. Some companies don’t even start to consider moving away from windows clients, because… no other workers will consider to learn a new OS.

Nethbot declared Samba 4.16.5 november 2022, but only on NSDC. According to Samba site, 4.16 is security fixes only EOL september 2023.
4.18 is current stable, with maintenance and and september 2023, security fixes until march 2024 and discontinued in september 2024.
Could be the final release for Neth7, giving breath and less issues with a role considered key (at least, several times) for the developers of the project.

You don’t give a damn about WIndows, @Andy_Wismer ? It’s fine. Anyway, your size don’t fit for all the other people…


Getting more OT, but I do have clients using Windows.
None used Vista!
They probably may leave out Win11 and use Win12, when it’s here…

So many businesses left out Vista! I am proud of NEVER installing Vista except a single trail for myself…
(No client wanted Vista after they bought their first new Vista-preinstalled hardware…).
I am saying that in my opinion, Win11 is a little like Vista…

I do not display sheep like attributes, like following a presumed leader and collectively jumping of a cliff…

I do have Windows, one VM of Win7, Win10 and Win11 each is more than enough for me. Since 20 years, everytime I really need something from Windows box, it first demands updates… My Mac doesn’t do that at all, neither does my Linux (Server/Workstation/Lab) either.

My 2 cents

I tried to reproduce the issue without success. My Windows 11 Version 22H2 (Build 22621.1555) VM just rejoins.

Did you already try these cmd/powershell commands?