Trust between Nethserver 7 and Windows AD

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009


is possible make domain trust between Windows AD (Windows server 2019) and Nethserver AD?

Thank you.

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Yes this is possible, you can join Nethserver 7 to a Windows 2019 Domain and vice versa.

But I did not test a trust between two different domains, if you mean this case?

Hello, thanks you for reply.

Yes I mean trust between two different domains after company acquisition. I didn’t find it in the Nethserver documentation.

Maybe this can help you: Seting up trusts between two Samba-domains

Hi @vfko & @fausp

It’s “theoretically” possible, but you’re on your own from here on, as it’s not officially supported by NethServer.

But rumors have it does work…

My 2 cents

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