Trouble.... Nethserver fileserver

NethServer Version: 7.8
Module: your_module
Hello friends, I had 2 times this week a Problem with a friend that connects into VPN from the nethserver physical router into my 2nd nethserver vm file server, and I needed to restart it to regain samba shares…

What is your support question? You didn’t ask any… :wink:

Could you provide your network setup,
What services are active on your fileserver?
Can you post logs? ( or

Tomorrow I will post further details

The 2nd nethserver is an DC in his own AD…
Resolution names…

Winbind problem.?

Hummmm I have changed the Dns to pi hole… Instead of having his own AD ip on Dns as loopback… Or do I need to put the sssd ip container instead, as first Dns… The second Dns is the physical nethserver router / firewall / also serves me as openvpn.

samba problems again and solved for now my collegue starts to get nervous …:face_with_head_bandage:

How can you have winbindd on your server? I was under the impression that nethserver-samba uses sssd?

Yes indeed… Domain samba with sssd container, windbind is on the menu as default as it seems… Well I will use an lxc turnkey nextcloud to backup, the most important files… Taking seriously debian nextcloud as fileserver, instead of 2nd nethserver…and instead put the physical server that as another domain into nextcloud login

AFAIK winbind is needed since few version of samba. I couldn’t quickly find the issue inside the tracker, but it’s there, somewhere :smiley: