Trick or treat? IBM/Red Hat sued for copyright infringement

If it isn’t a joke, this is SCO all over again.

Edit: Yup:

For the younguns in the audience:,_Inc._v._International_Business_Machines_Corp.

And more:

And, though sadly abandoned eight years ago, the definitive history of SCO v. IBM through that point:

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So same old story. I don’t recall anything about Xinuos but SCO rings a bell.

I didn’t either, but I became suspicious when I noticed “xinu” was just “unix” spelled backward, the product names were awfully familiar, and the claims sounded just like SCO’s (especially the part where they don’t say what code is supposed to infringe)–which now makes much more sense, since they effectively are SCO. But amazingly, the SCO litigation is still ongoing, though I don’t think very many of the claims have survived this long.

There we go again. I thought we had left the SCO debacle behind us…

Could get a place in the “who needs a joke today” thread… :smiley:

after you read that one have a look at:

Made me smile… :wink:

This reminds me of a description I heard many years ago (on kuro5hin, maybe?): “willfully entering into an arse-kicking contest against a monstrous entity with sixteen legs and no arse.”

Seriously, suing a company whose legal department could buy your company out of petty cash, and has a well-known policy of not negotiating with terrorists, seems like a fatally stupid move (right on the level of “land war in Asia”). Yes, it would be cheaper for IBM to buy them out than to fight the case. But IBM doesn’t do that; they fight to the bitter end–there’s a reason their litigators are known as the Nazgul. And SCO really ought to have known this, as it already drove them into bankruptcy once.

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