Trial sub gives Pizza by default? (& some questions)

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: your_module

First time trying to get a subscription.
In the portal, I create the new login and click on add server to get a trial sub with Lasagna, but the portal gives me Pizza automatically.
This is the default trial sub?
When it expires, it will be possible to get the Lasagna subscription?
(Now I need to ask to a local reseller so we can obtain our fiscal invoice)

Note1: Can I buy the Lasagna so it stacks with the trial one, so, when the trial expire, Lasagna gets activated and used.
Or I need to wait for the trial expiration to buy Lasagna?

Yes, it is.

Of course, whenever you are joining the subscription, you’re free to choose the plan.

You can buy it at any time.

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Thank you!

I need to locate a local reseller (in México) to obtain the electronic invoice required for tax reporting.
Preferably, if there are 2 resellers it is better, in case one of them has a situation with our tax authority.

For now only Nethesis can sell subscriptions. I do not know if we have any resellers of Enterprise in Mexico.

Feel free to contact the sales department to ask further info:

Subscriptions are invoiced directly from Nethesis, you don’t need a reseller.
Nethesis has resellers in Mexico. They sell all enterprise products.

@MrE if you want to speak with a Mexican reseller, write to me in private.



Suddenly, after activating the subscription. Today I restarted the server and received these alarming messages:

But I check the mentioned partitions from the old interface and see enough space.

I also see several old kernels, which if I remember correctly, during each update the oldest ones will be deleted.

I restarted twice, but for some reason, this VM-NethServer in Proxmox was stuck; was necesary to stop the VM manually.

I waited a while, but no more alarming messages came.
(Sorry for hijacking my own topic)

You should find those same alert in /var/log/messages, at the same time, search for FAILURE or collectd.