Transparent Proxy

Hello… How does work the transparent proxy; for ex, I unchecked the option Block HTTP and HTTPS ports, and the transparent proxy work, but the webpage with https don´t block the proxy; and if I put the check mark Block HTTP and HTTPS ports the transparent proxy don´t work.

How I can block HTTP and HTTPS in the transparent proxy.

NethServer Version: 7

Transparent proxy handles http traffic:

  • HTTP traffic on port 80 is redirected through the proxy.
  • HTTPS traffic on port 443 bypasses the proxy.
  • if “Block HTTP and HTTPS ports” is checked, the traffic on port 80 and 443 that does not go through the proxy is blocked (therefore no https access).

While in transparent with SSL mode, all HTTP and HTTPS traffic on port 80 and 443 will be redirect through the proxy.