Transmission on nethserver

hi, i’m trying to configure transmission-daemon on nethserver, but i can connect to its webpage only on (using elinks), are there something on nethserver that block incoming connection on 9091 ?

yep , make a new service and open port 9091 for RED, GREEN or BLUE zone

config set (name of the service) service TCPPorts 9091 access public status enabled
signal-event firewall-adjust
and you should see it on WEBUI :
Security => Network Services and could manage it as well

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Did a virgin install of Nethserver version 6.7.

How would you create a new service ? … which menu options would you take. In 6.7 I do not have any options to create a new service. I can only view the ones that were created through the installation of modules.

@AbsyntH the service transmission-daemon listen on the localhost only because apache does a reverse proxy to control who is connecting to the transmission webUI, let it to the localhost and use instead


After that you can allow each users in the User Panel

You need to do it from the CLI.