Tranmission and e-smith config and Shared Folders

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Transmission and e-smith Templates and Shared Folders

Okay, finally having a chance to install and configure NethServer 7 on an Dell Optiplex 380 with 4Gb RAM and 1Tb HDD and I am being a little bit thick combined with a combination of underlying folder structure changes between Centos 6 and Centos 7 and potentially having overlooked some vital posts.

First on the list: Providing a user with ssh sudo access. I know it can be done with an e-smith template but I can’t seem to get the location of the template in the correct place. Where should it be located?

Second on the list: Shared Folders and permissions - I am currently using local LDAP for the Accounts Provider and I am not presented with the option to define which users have permissions to access Shared Folder. Is this not available with LDAP? Or should I be using the Active Directory to get this functionality?

Third on the list: How do I set the Transmission username and password? I can’t seem to get this to work for some idiot reason.

With openldap, samba shares are in anonymous access.

I don’t understand your issue with transmission. The default user is admin, think to set a password. In the panel you can grant other users but they must be created in the user panel.

With Transmission, got the issue sorted about the same time as you made the reply, thanks for the help - I was just having a senior moment.

Thanks for the note about the shared folders. If I change the Accounts Provider to AD, I take it I will get the permissions I am looking for? What are the implications if I make the change?

Any thoughts on the sudoers access for those who use ssh?


When an account provider is uninstalled, all yours will be exported to a TSV file.
You then re-import all users but you will have random generated password.

It depends on what sudo access are you giving.
Sudo is really granular.