Trafic shaping: can't get the default classes to show up, nor get a hosts group to show up in the web proxy rules

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: firewall:traffic shaping

After using nethserver for allmost a year now, I think, and getting complaints from people that calling me on facetime was horrible, I decided to finally try and get traffic shaping up and running. Following the manual / documentation, everything went smoothly, and the quality drastically improved, but…

  • Wanting to add more shaping rules, I discovered that the both default classes “high” and “low” spoken of in the documentation aren’t available. Sure, I can remake them, but am unsure what settings they should be at, and since I’m fairly new to such in depth configuration…
  • I get the impression that my web traffic is slow: i keep downloading several files always at 2.2 mbps while my bandwidth certainly is a lot higher than that. Wanting to adjust the web proxy rules, I discovered that both the default classes for shaping are missing, and that I can’t select a host group consisting of my familys desktop systems, all using a lan connection. For those with wifi, I’m not sure yet on if I want to adjust things, but can always do so later on.

Before sending this post, I really would like to take the time to thank the developers for bringing forth such an amazing tool, that is helping me currently, and hopefully even more so in the future. The main reason I’m so thankful, is that nethserver is the first server / gateway solution that is both accessible to blind people [apart from guessing when to press the arrows and how often during the installer boot to get the unattended install] and so extensive that i’m pritty sure I’ll feel comfortable and sleep well, knowing I can always rely on our home gateway to prevent my daughter to see sites she’s not supposed to. Yeah, sure, there are probably lots of easyer ways to acomplish that, but as I’ve said above, being blind does pose a lot of limitations if it comes to software / os and what not, …

Well, that’s all for now.

You can run /usr/libexec/nethserver/initialize-tc-database to create the high and low classes.

On new NethServer 7.5 installations, the Traffic shaping page is blank, as you can create as many classes as you want. I’d like to change that, and my preference is for a simple wizard that let you create a simple two classes configuration as we had in 7.4.
What do you think?

A wizzard would certainly help, but then, I’d make it a wizzard for the entire traffic shaping: start by setting bandwith, go on to classes etc. On a practical note, I’d personally change inbound and outbound to download and upload speed, because I let myself be caught on the terms and confused both, resulting in me accidentally slowing my internet to a crawl… :slight_smile: