Traffic log/inspection

It would be nice to have a section in the gui to enable verbose logging of network traffic and view such logs. It would be even better to also be able to filter log entries by tx IP/port, rx IP/port, etc.

Ehi Adam,
welcome back, we missed you! Hope you’re doing good…

Would you mind to add more details? I’d love to know what you’re hoping to achieve.
Something like a Tcpdump output?

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Thanks! I’ve been buried in some other projects.

I was looking for an easy way for admins to enable packet logging and inspect traffic. This type of feature is handy when trying to track down an infected PC on the network. Something like this:

I too would be interested in this. There are advantages to manually analysing the network traffic. Ofcourse, it would be nice to have some sort of visual traffic tool as well.