Touch Base with other Nethserver users

Looking to contact other Australian Nethserver users.
Is there some way of finding any?


According to web server stats, there are 94 unique IP addresses in the last 14 days from AU country code.

You’re not alone :wink:

@compsos we encourage local initiatives and do applaud your inquiry for fellow ‘Aussies’ to get together (either in this topic or irl in Australia)
So to all NethServer friends: raise your hand and say aye when you are from Australia!

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Hi Davide,

This link ( gives:

This page is used to test the proper operation of the Apache HTTP server after it has been installed. If you can read this page it means that this site is working properly. This server is powered by CentOS.


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Discourse formatted it as a link, but I didn’t meant to do it… I edit it now.

Sorry for diverting you!

@davidep Thank you for the replies. Is that link been corrected? It still goes to a apache start page.
Knowing how many installations is great but how do we get them out in the open?

I agree it is not nice to see, but that is not a web site for humans. The default CentOS 403 page is semantically correct: it ensures the root page is not indexed by search engines.

I back your initiative: now the decision if to answer or not is up to NethServer users!

At the end of the installation, people decide if they want to help the project by sending a ping every week that fills this map:

The yum repo web log statistics are a bit different because data is not collected on a regular basis (system updates are manual by default) and many people run just a short system test and never go to production, or use multiple/dynamic IPs… and so on!

In #community:welcome posts you can find also the country of newcomers. Maybe @alefattorini keeps track of it?

I have to count them. Give me some time and the next week I’ll let you know

Here a long list of NethServer Australian users
@Anthony_Smith @WillZen @hazell20 @Nick_Kremer @Greg @sraellis @jasonhurd @servevirtland @dreamerman @graeleah @wonderbar @bbetts @Ryan_Craig @rodley @njm @dwj @aduff @johari @KdB @geoff @Adrian.Clark @mikek @stiiixy @Cyberess @compsos1 @Wozzagonebush @sundarnet @sachaw @netintegrity @Nathan_Vogt @Tripple_Tee @ctm99 @davidiwharper @pblakes @markareait @McHenry @Mjbbus @jester @Bill_Webb @gurujim @Plamen @keith.d.spencer @smcd @piero @ajs245 @Matt1

Feel free to PM them :smiley:


@alefattorini Thank you for that. I will PM and see where they are at.

@alefattorini By their profiles a lot have not been seen since 2017 and a few more 2018. Considering how friendly the community is I am surprised they appear to have dropped of the radar. Or could it be a fault in the DB activity recordings?

Yeah, Nah Mate! It’d be bloody bonza to have some true blue Aussie Nethie users to chin wag with and maybe even translate the euro stuff into Ocker lingo :slight_smile: (I’m not really a bogan :slight_smile:)

I have noted the location widget map in the past with the Aussie machines stuck into a pin somewhere around Uluru. It would be nice to get something a little more defined by city/state.

To help @alefattorini and others define “local” in this part of the world:
@compsos is in the same State of Australia as I am (Queensland); He is 2100 km north of me; that is further than Rome to London!

The best thing about the NethServer community being based in Europe, is that, unlike many of the USA based communities, they know there is a difference between Australia and Austria :slight_smile: (even though we do compete in Eurovision … why? no idea, but we enjoy it).

Cheers, Klaus

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Ahaha thanks for bringing me to my attention

It’s quite common in every community that people are passive and just follow the project
I happy that you consider our community so friendly :slight_smile:
I have to say thank to a bunch of Nethserverians here, very good people!

Just thinking out loud here I can come up with 2 reasons:

  • The IP address is horrible for pinpointing the exact location
  • Privacy. I can imagine not everyone is too keen on having publicly known at what exact (google maps) location their server is.
    And lets be frank: joining the conversation like this and just getting to know people that are in your neighborhood (ok Australia is HUGE, so might be not that near) is a great way to experience both the power of the project and the community.

I didn’t take that from the IP but from info that new users put there during the community signup

Oh, ok… sure… I was more referring to the nethserver phone-home map

Not with me. NethServer was a project and it is running fine but I am not anymore involved in it. I don’t find the time to come her often.

@WillZen still good to see you drop by again… :wink:

Yea. I have a little bit time. It also nice to see so many are still active.
It looks like I have to read a lot to know what was going on.