Torrent does not work anymore

from this morning I can no longer download with the torrent protocol. I have not changed anything. is there a technical explanation?

Please tell more about your configuration:

  • proxy?
  • firewall?
  • ips?


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NethServer release 6.10 (Final)
manual proxy for all zones. http and https ports blocked.

And please tell us about updates, were there some updates at the last days, which were installed?

Are the torrent ports open anymore?
Is port-forwarding active anymore?

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Where should I go and check these things?

Try using torrent from a PC without proxy enabled.
And then post also Firewall Rules and check if IPS is enabled.

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At the nethserver gui you have the port-forwarding at the gateway section, you can check it here.
And at the network rules you have to look at network services, I think you had created a rule for torrent at the past.


There is nothing in port-forwarding.
for that range ip there was no rule. now I created it and the torrent works
the rule is: action -> accept ; destination -> red ; service -> all.

oh sorry, I only remembered now that I changed the ip address to the client, the IP that it originally had, was part of a range that already had its rule.

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