Too Long Netbios Name Error " Soultion to increase Default Value of Netbios name in Samba"

Dear Nethserver,

When i am trying to make PDC server on Nethserver. Its giving Error of Netbios Name. It accepts only 15 Character. But we have 17 character Domain Name.

I am stuck with Default Netbios Name policy . I have domain which 17 character, NETBIOS name is giving an Error. So my PDC is not properly configured.

So please help us out, it would be very regardable.

Hitesh Dubey

Hi @Hitesh_Dubey

I’m quite sure this is a limit by design.


The NetBIOS Suffix, alternately called the NetBIOS End Character (endchar), is the 16th character of a NetBIOS name and indicates service type for the registered name. The number of record types is limited to 255; some commonly used values are:

Thanks For Reply Robert,
But where i have to Solve this Issue?

IMO issue is on your side… you have a too long domain name (you said)… NETBIOS can not handle it, so you have to change it.

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I’d add that we are talking about Windows domain /workgroup name… not an “internet” domain…
so, IMVHO, there’s no need for a loooooog name :wink:

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Thanks Stefano,
we have already resolve this problem,
But the issue is, IF i want to increase the value of NETBIOS name from default value 15 character to 17 character? Is it possible?

it’s not a NS issue, it’s so “by design”… so, the answer to your question is NO, sorry

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