Tiny question -- pine/alpine?

Showing my age here… pine has been replaced by alpine, and sure enough, yum install alpine works fine.

However, alpine can’t find my email! I assume that this is probably because nethserver puts my email in /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/ instead of in my home directory.

Before I charge into alpine’s config settings and make a big mess, has anyone made or seen a little recipe for this problem?


Sorry I misunderstand, how do you connect to your alpine session, I saw it is an IMAP client, you can use it to connect remotely to your IMAP NethServer. No matter where we store the email resources

I suppose on the localhost of NS it should even work without encryption, like roundcubemail for example

Greatest plus for having alpine/pine is that you can read email messages even if there’s not an email server installed. And via SSH, without enabling the full email stack.