Time shortage due to career change

Hi all,

Some of you might have noticed. Lately I don’t have the time this community deserves. I have a new job, and the company has offices in Delft (NL), Essen, Lübeck and Ulm (DE) which means a lot of traveling.

Moreover, after working in the field of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning for the past 20 years I got back to my (educational) roots and work in the field of developing electronics. One of the reasons I got this job is finding out not all talent was completely lost by doing some stuff for this community. :slight_smile:
Nevertheless there is a lot of caching up to do, so studying stuff like this:

On the long run the community should benefit from this as the great part involves embedded systems with tiny arm processors with their specific challenges to cope with. i.e. write a reasonable looking touch-UI which fits in to 256kB of flash…
(the latter inspired me to think (on linux/nethserver) it is possible to have a qt5 graphical (login) UI with some basic functionality such as viewing IP’s, DHCP leases and logs without X11).

Have a little patients and it’s going to workout. :grin:


First of all: a HUGE congrats with your new job. I sincerely hope it will give you the satisfaction you need (and seek) in a job.
And for us, a great advantage to have a hardware guy around. I hope, as soon you get a bit settled in your job there will be time again for the community.

And don’t forget, even a small effort is very much appreciated here. Do what you can, we don’t ask for more… :slight_smile:



As said before, in the long run the community will benefit. They ask me to “maintain” the moodle installation, current running on Ubuntu. I’ll gues i have to port this to nethserver in the future :joy:


Congratulation Mark and … happy hacking!


Yes, your absence didn’t go unnoticed! Anyway, congrats and good luck with new job.
At the end of the day, it is a new place where you can spread the NethServer word, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Definitely! @robb will be more than happy to support you in doing this!

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